About Buddy Parts

Buddy Parts is here to increase the usage of recycled parts in repaired vehicles. We want to drive the recycled parts industry forward by providing you easy access to our genuine parts database through our online store.

We handle the entire process:
1: Finding the right part
2: Assist with fitting the part
3: Guarantee the part and installation with our extensive warranties

Our goal is to streamline the process when repairing your vehicle - let us find the right part for you and installed by our preferred suppliers, getting you back on the road quicker and cheaper!

What to look for when purchasing a recycled part?

There are two factors that are critical when you source a recycled part: range and quality. All of our parts follow a strict protocol and quality assurance:

- Clean and inspected for safety
- Guaranteed warranty on all parts sold
- Catalogue and stored in our extensive warehouses
- Warranty provided on all parts fitted by our preferred suppliers
- Knowledge of all 70+ car manufacturers in Australia

Recycled parts are an economical choice

Did you know that buying a recycled part can save you up to 30% or more, compared to the price of a new part?

You still enjoy a quality product, without the cost of buying it new.

Recycled parts can also come with all the "bits and bobs" or accessories. For example, when a tail-light is removed from a vehicle, the wiring and loom are also included; preventing you from needing to purchase these separately.

All parts are genuine
All parts are from dismantled vehicles and are genuine, made directly by the manufacturer.

We can fit your part

We will work with you and our suppliers to have your part fitted to your vehicle, at the most economical price possible.

Who are we?
Buddy Parts is backed by automotive industry groups and the largest auto parts recyclers in Australia. We are a collective organisation working together to increase your accessibility to genuine recycled auto parts.

For a list of suppliers please visit our partners page.

Buddy Parts was created to assist the independent part suppliers with a solution which delivers value back to customers and all businesses within the automotive supply chain, in an online internet driven world.

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